The Green Party of the United States (henceforth “GPUS”) exists to promote its key values and principles as a grassroots organization focused on world peace, human and economic rights, and ecological stewardship.

As such, officers of the party must uphold the integrity and independence of the party and must avoid the appearance of impropriety in all activities by:

  • performing the duties of their office fairly, impartially, and diligently;

  • avoiding making decisions under the undue influence of people or organizations.

To ensure that GPUS rank and file members have confidence in the party’s officers at the co-chair level and above, party officers must disclose all connections that they have with people, corporations, governments, or organizations that may exert undue influence on them contrary to the above-described values and objectives.

Conflict of Interest statements are routinely required annually by government employees in key positions, scientists, judges, and elected officials and must apply to all political party officers.

For this reason, GPUS officers must answer the following questions candidly (use additional sheets of paper if necessary). When in doubt about whether a particular source should be disclosed, err on the side of reporting it so that rank and file GPUS members can decide if you have an unacceptable conflict of interest:

1. Are you a member of any organization that sponsors a candidate in an election (including an internal GPUS election) who competes or may in the future compete for votes with any candidate for elected office? If so, provide the details of your activities, position, etc:

2. Have you ever received financial payments or wealth, in kind or gifts, from political parties, campaigns, or candidates that may be construed as a conflict of interest?

3. Do you stand to benefit or have you made any investments that may constitute a conflict of interest and have undue influence on your decision-making as an officer in the GPUS?

4. Have you ever received money, gifts, employment, or awards from foundations or corporations (including but not limited to Tides, Open Society, Pritzker, Bill and Melinda Gates, the pharmaceutical industry or the military-industrial complex, big tech, etc)?

if so, please specify your job title, the service you provided, the value of the wealth you received, etc.

5. Have you ever been or are you presently employed by the U.S. government or any other government? Please specify your position, time of employment duties, and the name you used.

6. List all the names that you have presently or previously used in employment or school.

I have received, read, and fully understand this Conflict of Interest Statement and will comply with the statement by bringing any potential conflict of interest situations to the rank and file members of the Green Party for their consideration. I agree to sign below using my full legal name.


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